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This game is still in the planning stages. I still need 2 or 3 more players.

In case you were unaware, Call of Cthulhu is a survival horror roleplaying game based on the mythos written by author H.P. Lovecraft. You play a fairly ordinary person, often 1920’s or modern era, who is confronted by various, unspeakable, abominations. The game does not appeal to everyone. Lethality is quite high and statistical progression is not a large factor of the game. There is a certain amount of seriousness in our Cthulhu sessions. However, this game tends to make us want to play characters that will often lead to humorous situations. New players are welcome. Familiarity with Lovecraft’s writings is not necessary, nor is previous experience with the game. The system is quite simple. Most of the game can be taught in just a few minutes.

I run both one-shots and campaigns. Some of the games I run are my own material. Some of it is published material. And some of it is a combination (modified published material).

My roommate and I are located on Palomar Mountain. While it is indeed a fantastic location for gaming, and we would be fine hosting a game, I realize it is not necessarily convenient for everyone to make the drive up here. So, we are also willing to drive to another location if anyone is willing to host.

My schedule is fairly flexible. Feel free to message me and ask questions.

Home Page

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